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Planning & Learning Together

Supporting Families
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About Breadline London

At Breadline London, we believe in supporting families and individuals to overcome the cycle of debt and hardship. We offer a helping hand-up, not just a handout.
Our mission is to empower and uplift our community to break the cycle of debt and hardship through our comprehensive range of services.  

We provide support, hope, and opportunities for those in need.

Core services we offer

 We provide 4 of what we believe are the essential services for financial sustainability, including budgeting, healthy eating planning, financial education, and micro-business development. With these core services, we aim to equip members of the community with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to achieve financial independence.

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Healthy Eating

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Financial Education

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Micro Business

James Wood Green N22

"Breadline London's food bank has helped me to get back on my feet. I was homeless for a while, and during that time, I didn't always have enough to eat. Thanks to the support of Breadline London, I was able to access nutritious food that helped me stay healthy and strong. Now that I have a place to live, I still rely on the food bank to help me make ends meet. I don't know what I would do without them."

Jenny Palmers Green N13

"As an elderly person living alone, I find it hard to get out and shop for groceries. Breadline London's food bank has been a godsend for me. Not only do they provide me with nutritious food, but they also offer a friendly face and a listening ear when I need it most. I don't know what I would do without them."

Sandra -Tottenham N17

"I am so grateful for the support of Breadline London's food bank. As a single mother of two, I struggle to make ends meet every month. Thanks to the generous donations from the community, I can now provide healthy meals for my children and ensure they don't go to bed hungry."


Tel. 07415489506


Food Hub Friday 16:00 - 18:00pm


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Our supporters & Funders

We are grateful for the support and funding of our generous donors and corporate partners, which allows us to continue our mission of helping those in need. We invite you to get involved and help make a difference in your community and help us to continue to provide a hand-up not just a hand-out. Support a family today.
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