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Soup Kitchen

Supporting Families to Rise

Volunteers are Supporting Us To Do More

We are looking for: Passionate, focused, driven, motivated, proactive and inspirational partners, supporters & ambassadors. Whatever your skills we want you! We are looking for supporters to help us build and develop our network to offer support and encouragement to more families and individuals in our community. Partners/sponsors/volunteers needed for……..


website & social media

Website support– helping to develop and maintain our web pages Social media—Keeping up to date with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform

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Coding Club

Our mission is to empower young minds to tackle coding challenges independently.

But we can't do it alone! We need passionate individuals who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise to support young coders. Whether you're a seasoned or just starting your coding journey, your enthusiasm can make a significant impact.



Fundraising– finding and completing funding applications so we can offer more support, projects and workshops


Marketing & promotion

Marketing & promotion—helping us to get the word out to other families about our events, projects & workshops

Event support - Helping to organise, plan and manage the events, this could be with stalls, workshop resources, ushering registration and more

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self development

We want our volunteers to get as much as they give, so we also encourage our volunteers to bring their own ideas on areas they want to volunteer in.

We encourage self development of knowledge and skills, so when they choose to leave us, they will have the confidence and skill to do their own thing.

Your knowledge and skills are valuable to us. With your help and support, we can empower more families with a Hand Up to rise and thrive in financial sustainability.

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