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Happy Family

Supporting our families to do more

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help us to continue providing vital work and support, through practical workshops, 1-1 support visits and activities that supports and develops the whole family to dream big and do more for themselves and the wider community.

What we take for granted can change a life. Give a gift today!

Saving coins

Budget Better

Helping families to develop sustainable financial strategies that they can use to budget better and develop a culture to save as a family in-order to break the poverty cycle and achieve their goals and dreams.

Planning & saving as a family 

Healthy Food

Eat Healthier

Supporting families to buy and cook healthy nutritious foods on the budget they have available.

planning and cooking together sharing recipes and developing and creating new ways to use leftovers so reducing food waste.

Cooking & learning as a family.

Coding together_edited.jpg

Build Together

Supporting families to work together to build a small micro business that is able to benefit the whole family, developing confidence, business skills and provide extra income, building security for the future.

working and building as a family.

Family at a Beach

Be Together

Playing sharing together, families activities they can do together that cost little or no money, but can be lots of fun. Its not just about the presents, it's also about the presences 

Planning & playing as a family

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